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Adrenalin, passion and nature

Firenze Rafting was born in 2010, due to a three friends’ visionary idea. A challenging project, to paddle through the history under the famous Pontevecchio in Florence and discover the most unknown and hidden rivers of Tuscany, from the Mugello, through Lucca to the Lima valley, with rafts, kayaks, canyoning experiences and much more. Nowadays, Firenze Rafting is a five stars rewiewed outdoor company, with a very professional and close-knit team. We are proud to offer many amazing adventures, suitable for all ages and just few steps from home.

Join us and discover the wild side of Tuscany!

Firenze Rafting
Founders & trainers
Our team
Founder, Sport sciences Degree, Rafting guide III° FIRAFT, Kayak instructor FICK, Swiftwater rescue technician SRT1, Swim Instructor II° FIN, Lifeguard SNS, BLS-D licence

Zeno Naspri

Rafting Guide II° FIRAFT, Environmental Guide, BLS-D licence

Marco Soci

Founder, Rafting Guide V° FIRAFT, Kayak Instructor FICK, Swim Instructor UISP, Lifeguard UISP, BLS-D licence

Ettore Brigo

Lapo Corenich

Rafting guide
Rafting Guide II° FIRAFT, BLS-D licence

Lapo Bresci

Rafting Guide

Daniele Valente

Rafting guide AIGAF, Kayak Instructor FICK

Filippo Fioravanti

Edmond Parubi

Rafting Guide

Best experience and an excellent way to see Florence. Great for kids, great for groups. The guides are knowledge and super experienced, making it a truly special experience