Exploration of the Canyon

River trekking

Cocciglia Canyon
A trip to explore

The excursion consists of a river trekking in the locality of Scesta, descending the upper part of the Lima stream during the summer, when it is in its dry season. The activity includes the exploration of the river bed, a magical and uncontaminated place, with the participants engaged in walking, swimming and climbing among polished boulders and pools of crystal clear water.

After all the obstacles you will reach a spectacular Canyon surrounded by high rock walls from which springs of crystal clear water. Along the way there is the possibility to make jumps from different heights to the incredible 8m final dive.

Availability: from June until September
Duration: 3h30min
Meeting point: Gps 44.023028, 10.638311
Price: 50 euro/pax
IDEA! River Trekking + OVERNIGHT at the “Mulino Verde” by the river