``Unusual`` Florence
Florence that you do not expect

Starting at the level of the Arno river under the medieval tower of San Niccolò, through picturesque pedestrian streets you reach the Abbey of San Miniato a Monte visiting its famous cemetery. Continue in the direction of Piazzale Michelangelo, a privileged panoramic point on Florence, from which you can admire the city from above and deepen the historical relationship between Florence and its river. Going down a suggestive stairway, you walk through the Rose Garden to reach the starting point again in Piazza Poggi.i.

DISTANCE: 3km with climb
TIME: 1h 30min
 Alle the year
START and ARRIVE: Torre di S. Niccolò (Firenze)

Sentiero della Memoria
Explore Monte Giovi on the paths of the partisans

Starting from the center of Pontassieve, crossing woods, vegetable gardens and farms, you will climb up to the altitude until you reach the historic nucleus of the Pievecchia with a visit to the Nazi massacre Memorial. The stop will be an opportunity to tell the events of the Second World War happened on the Tuscan hills. Along the way you will admire the different types of landscape, we will talk about the flora and fauna of the territory and the geology of the valley.

DISTANCE: 10km con 400m di dislivello
TIME: 3h 30min
 tutto l’anno
Pontassieve (FI)
ARRIVE: Rufina (FI)

Discover Val di Lima

Starting from the ancient restored village of Pian di Fiume, the excursion will lead us to the discovery of that vast hilly area at the foot of Mount Prato Fiorito. Rich in history and traditions, we will explore it, providing anecdotes and curiosities from the Lombards to Napoleon and visit the parishes and the most important villages of the area such as S. Gemini, S. Cassiano and Pieve di Controne. The ring route passes through lush beech and chestnut woods and offers breathtaking views of the Val di Lima below.

PERIOD: alle the year
START and ARRIVE: Agriturismo Pian di Fiume (Ponte a Diana, LU)